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Name Of The Child

Name Of The pupil (as in Birth Certificate):

SurName/Family Name:

Aadhar card number of pupil:

Place of Birth(city, country):

Date Of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy):

Mother Tongue of pupil:

Personal marks of Identification:


Community: Religion:

Gender: Female Male

CONTACT PERSON(Parent/Guardian)

Father Name:

Father's Profession:

Mother Name:

Mother's Profession:

Annual Income:

Permanent Address:

Telephone : Home:

Telephone : Office:


Guardian Name:

Guardian's Profession:


Telephone : Home:

Telephone : Office:



Class into which Admission is sought:

Any Brother/Sister Studying in this institution: Yes No
Name Class

Name of the Board/School

year of leaving the school

Passport size photo:


Parents are expected to abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the management for the smooth functioning of the school.The rules and regulations may be altered, added or amended from time to time.The fee structure of different classes will be circulated and parents are bound to pay the fee of their ward in time.Only those parents who are fully satisfied with the system and style of functioning of the school should seek admission for their wards in this school.Similarly only those who have read and understood the fee structure of the school and fully agree with it and willing to make the concerned payments in time need get their wards admitted here. I am happy to Co-operative with the school to see that the rules framed in the interest of my ward are followed in better spirit.I solemnly declare that the above particulars about my child are true and correct.I have read the rules and regulation of the school and I undertake that my ward will abide by them.

I Agree Above Declaration


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