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curriculum / mes curriculum

NCERT syllabus and books are followed as per the norms of CBSE, we have our own methodology of teaching for the children from Grade 1 to Grade V Std. This new system of education centre works, in co-ordination with the prevailing system of child education in Kendriya VIdyalaya and some of the well reputed private schools in India. Activity oriented self learning through projects works, is the gist of the methodology followed in imparting Primary and Secondary Education. Situations are created to learn everything from environment through experiential learning by using innovative pedagogy. There is no chalk and talk method , but they learn subjects by developing their inborn talents. Different projects are prepared by teachers to suit the taste and interest of the children. The teachers strictly evaluate the progress of the child during evaluation. In VIth Grade onwards the promotion is based on the result of all the evaluations and assessments. The areas where the children shows poor performance are traced out and remedial measures are given to improve them.
The following examination will be conducted during an academic year, in addition to unit tests.
Work sheets at the end of every two months for Grade 1 to III
Periodic Tests- 3 periodic Tests during the months of July, October and January for Grade IV to X
Annual Examinations- At the end of the academic year for Grade IV to Grade IX and CBSE Board Examination for Grade : X.

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